Ingredients and Nutrition Information - Swalty Kettlecorn

Nutrition Information

We search the planet for only the best ingredients and prepare them in an environment that is free from dairy and peanut products.  Our chefs are highly trained in the art of kettlecorn – our innovative cooking methods require it!

We choose the healthiest ingredients without sacrificing the mouth watering flavor.  By using canola oil, we minimize the bad fats that are found in other oils.  And, don’t forget that popcorn is an excellent source of fiber.  Only 110 calories per serving.

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Current Retail Locations

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Harps Food Stores
Marvin's IGA
Price Cutter
All My Treasures
Bentonville Library Cafe
Jefferson Regional Medical Center
And many more specialty stores!

Reoccurring Events

Bentonville Farmer's Market
Bentonville First Friday

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